Monday, June 27, 2016

Farmyard Friends

I can't believe it is over two months since I last posted, I must admit I am not too great on taking photos and posting them to social media.  I have, however, been sewing like crazy and this is my collection of farmyard quilts recently completed.
 This is the 3rd 'Cow' wallhanging I have made, so much fun
 A farm always has a working dog, although I doubt this one would do much work
 Stacked goats, using scraps from my stash
 Who Rules the Roost  !
 Just Ducky !  She is foundation pieced and stands 36" tall
Harvest season - apples, strawberries and tomatoes

I am now working on 5 quilts, 4 on commission for a dear friend and the other in Indigenous fabrics which I will take with me to Belgium in October as a wedding gift.  None of these can be shown until they are gifted later in the year.

Happy quilting !

Friday, April 1, 2016

Selvedge Quilts on Display (Photo Heavy)

My selvedge quilt display weekend was an outstanding success with hundreds of people coming along to view the quilts and take the opportunity to purchase from the craft stalls.

There were 30 quilts on display, all made with printed and plain selvedges, collected from local quilting friend and many online quilting friends from around Australia and the USA.  

My favourite selvedge quilt

Sitting sewing selvedges surrounded by my
selvedge quilt display

Tasmania and Australia 'Mug Rugs' for sale

The Easter break was spent with my two children and their partners who flew into Tasmania during the week after the display to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday. It was lovely to have them come home, it has been over 4 years since they were both in the State.

After they flew back to the mainland on Monday of this week, bubby and I spent another few quiet days at our highlands fishing cabin where I was able to sew all day for 3 days - absolute bliss !!  

Happy quilting !

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Months Fly...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been nearly two months since I last posted, days just whizz by and I get caught up with daily life or quilting.

International Women's Day was celebrated in style yesterday as each attendee was given a complimentary handmade apron on their arrival.  Over 130 aprons were handed out and it was really great to see many of the women (and men) proudly wearing their aprons throughout the morning.

I made two special aprons for two special friends who ride their scooters around the local towns.  As a surprise I made them each a 'Scooter Apron' in the colours of their own scooters.  They loved them.

I had lots of ladies ask about my 'patchwork aprons' and many wanted to buy them.  These were going to be entered in a mainland apron festival in May but the festival will now be held bi-annually so these will be packed away and entered in 2017's festival.   My lovely husband made the stands to display them on.

I am now gearing up for my Selvedge Quilt display which takes place in a fortnight's time.  I have 30 quilts of varying sizes to display, each one made with printed and/or plain selvedges.  This week I was lucky enough to receive 3 packages stuffed full of selvedges so I am having fun working on a new quilt.
 Here is a cat quilt I have recently finished using selvedges.  Each cat even has a selvedge tail !

I am really looking forward to the Easter break, both my children and their partners are home for a few days to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday and my daughter and I will be planning our trip to Belgium in October while she is here.

Then I will begin work on my licence plate quilt, I am so excited about starting this quilt and it is all ready to go - stay tuned !

Happy quilting !

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Selvedge Quilt Finishes

The walking foot sure has been 'walking' this week and I have got the quilting done on three quilts.  This quilt is made completely of shorter selvedge pieces, both plain and word selvedges.  I even joined them together to make the binding.

This quilt has been waiting to be quilted for quite some time but now it is done and I am really pleased with how it looks.  Again a mix of both selvedge edges and it is one of the bigger selvedge quilts I have made. I love the border on this one.

These two bring the total to 29 selvedge quilts I have made so far and I have one more to finish before my display in March.

Happy quilting !

Friday, January 8, 2016

Quilting on a Hot Day !

On a very warm and sunny NW Coast of Tasmania day, I decide to begin quilting this large Selvedge Quilt.  
It won't be heavily quilted as I want the selvedges to be the highlight of this quilt so I am just doing the basic stitch-in-ditch to hold it all together.

Happy Quilting !

Monday, January 4, 2016

'Australia Day' quilts

Australia Day is January 26.  So I thought I would make a couple of quilts to show what makes me a proud Tasmanian and Australian citizen.

A picture in an adult colouring book was the inspiration for this 'Koala Friends' quilt.  

This 'Tasmania' quilt is made up of little crazy blocks joined together, fused onto a background fabric to represent the surrounding oceans.

I loved sewing the 'Tasmania quilt' so much that I thought I would have a go at an 'Australia' quilt.  This quilt is almost 1 metre wide and is called 'I Love a Sunburnt Country'

These quilts are now on display at a local art and craft gallery during January.  I bought the cute Apron panel off a quilt destash page on Facebook and it made up into such a fun apron.  

The small Tasmanian mug rugs have been so popular, I have just sewn another 30.  Lots of fun to do and they make great gifts.

And I couldn't sewn a Tasmanian Mug Rug without trying an Australian one.  They are just as cute but turning them was a little bit tricky.  

Happy New Year !  And to another year of making quilts to share !

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Quilters Group

Every month for the past year, a small group of ladies have met at the local Gallery for a day of machine piecing/quilting.  I introduced the ladies to foundation piecing and over the months, they have swapped fabrics, stitched blocks and this weekend we met to baste two quilts ready for quilting.  What an achievement these ladies have made.  
 Here Janine is putting the final pins in her Twister quilt before she dives into the quilting.  
The quilting has begun on Rachel's Economy Block I Spy quilt.  
 Despite trying to emphasise the ease of moving the quilt under the machine better if it was rolled, both ladies were more comfortable to go about it in their own way
 Back to the quilting after a quick lunch break with a friend
 I spent a couple of days last week making these cute Santa Sacks and a matching Bib as Christmas gifts.  
This is my first Christmas quilt made over 30 years ago.  It is hand quilted (and perfect stitches I might add) and the 'binding' was hand done as well but I shuddered every time I looked at it. The pictures were taken from children's colouring in books and quilted in red and green cotton. It has sat in the back of a cupboard for many, many years and had been dragged out a few weeks ago and was in the 'throw out' bag to either go in the garbage bin or passed onto an Op Shop.    When it was decided to put up a Christmas quilts display at the local Gallery, I thought I would take it along and if we were 'short' of quilts, I would hang it with a little brief of its history.  Would you believe it sold a day after the display went up and I couldn't be happier - what could have been trash....

Happy sewing !